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VuePoint-Connect Education allows teachers to share and collaborate with students all with the click of a button.

VuePoint-Connect is a software solution that will change the way that classrooms operate. The software allows a teacher to connect and share information to a room full of desktops. VuePoint-Connect also gives teachers the ability to control and distribute information throughout the classroom.

The app allows students to view and collaborate on documents with the ability to display content from any of the displays on a centrally displayed projector or imaged across all of the desktops in the room. This allows students to work in small groups and quickly and easily present their work to the whole class.

Recently Queensland University of Technology (QUT) started using VuePoint-Connect in a number of teaching spaces. See below for a demonstration of how QUT are utilising the software in their teaching spaces.

To find out more about VuePoint-Connect call 1300 369451 to speak to an audio visual consultant.

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