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Welcome to our podcast, Real InSight

Myke Ireland, Host, Real InSight

Discover the depths of people’s passion, technology, and business on Real InSight. Join host Myke Ireland as we dive deep into what drives us and how technology shapes our world.


Carmen Sederino

Carmen Sederino is a Powerhouse Presenter, Performer, and Entrepreneur. Her presentation style is warm, authentic and enveloping. When Carmen occupies the front of the room it barely even feels like you’re watching a presentation. She manages to make you feel like it’s just you and her in a room, and she’s talking directly to you and quite simply that’s what good presenting is about. Carmen is also the founder of Illuminated Story, a business she built from the ground up with the sole intention of helping you become clear, confident and compelling in front of your audience. In this Episode of Real InSight we delve into Carmen skills and abilities, how they came to be, and what advice she has for young females looking to better balance a career, personal pursuits and a family.

Mike Hagan

Mike Hagan is a workplace HR & HSE Consultant, as well as the founder of Mike Hagan Consulting Services. He helps organisations succeed by strategically and systematically addressing work practices and behaviour that result in employee burnout, high turnover and unnecessary costs. Mike is committed to debunking mental health stigma myths. He talks openly about his own personal experiences with mental health challenges and how this inspired him to build better workplaces. In this Episode of Real InSight we delve into how to the topic of mental health at work. We explore how you can make employees feel better (at work and home), how to build an amazing workplace, and how manage when things aren’t going so well.

Peter Gray

Peter Gray is the founder of TwinLabs.AI, a business that offers an easy-to-understand real-time view across events or venues. TwinLabs.AU is a global leader in sports technology. They architect and deliver strategic innovation projects including the Tour de France technology program, as well as solutions for sporting teams, governing bodies, event organisers and venue operators around the world. Peter is highly experienced in delivering business solutions using technologies such as IoT, real time analytics, AI, AR/VR and digital twin. He is also an avid Cyclist, and one of those people who lives a life of two amazing passions rolled into one. In this Episode of Real InSight we talk about why data matters, and why better metrics lead to better engagement.

Darrell Hardidge

In this episode of Real InSight, we are joined by Darrell Hardidge an expert in measuring customer experience. Darrell shares insights from his extensive experience working with various businesses, from Billion Dollar Plus companies to veterinarians. He emphasises the importance of going beyond mere customer satisfaction and instead focusing on customer appreciation. Discover how effective communication and efficiency are the key drivers that lead to exceptional customer experiences, and learn why businesses must prioritise these aspects to stand out in today’s competitive landscape.

Lance Picioane

A former first round draft pick and AFL footballer, Lance Picioane established Love Me Love You, now known as Never Alone in 2013 to empower our community to take control of their mental wellbeing and to live happier, more fulfilling lives. As a teenager and throughout his AFL career, Lance was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Like many young adults, Lance chose not to ask for help, but instead turned to partying and substance abuse. By being truthful with himself, his family and his friends, Lance turned a corner and sought help. Although he still has his down days, Lance now lives a life full of love and happiness. Never Alone’s programs are based on Lance’s experiences and are aimed at educating and empowering our community about the importance of mental health their wellbeing journey.

Maria Markman

Maria Markman is one of Australia’s leading authorities in the fast-emerging field of ‘personal branding’, which is attracting a growing following amongst founders, executives and other corporate leaders interested in reaching their full potential. Highly ambitious herself from a young age, Maria gained acceptance into a prestigious college in her native Russia to study software development in the 2000s; an impressive achievement on many levels, and encouraged by her entrepreneur father. As founder and CEO of Markman Media, Markman brings a uniquely holistic approach to lifting the quality, authenticity and reach of clients’ personal brands that combines professional networking and development, personal image as well as physical fitness and overall wellness. In short, Maria is a connector, known and respected for her ability to bring people, ideas and solutions together.

Josh Rowe

Over the last 25+ years, Josh Rowe has been proud to give organisations, their people, stakeholders and customers a voice as not only a leader in their field but as values-led agitators and disruptors. From digital transformation at Australia Post and Medibank, to building start-up, Josh has exercised his professional and personal commitment to improving the outcomes of our communities, our consumers and businesses at large. Most recently, he played a leading role in helping ANZ Bank to realise its mission of providing simple, value-add services to customers, and in doing so, shaped a world where people and communities thrive. With a focus on organisational effectiveness, improvement, and development, Josh has proudly built a market leading capability, pioneering a technology business management strategy returning millions of dollars in value to the bottom line. This chat was fire, and outlines why you absolutely must know how to prepare for AI.

Mark Lampard

Mark is a successful entrepreneur and founder of Corsair Solutions (established in 2009), a leading distributor of cutting-edge audio-visual products. With over two decades of experience in the audio-visual technology industry, Mark is known for his collaborative approach to distribution and partnership with resellers, integrators and other industry stakeholders. With a priority placed on service and support, customers know that Corsair Solutions is truly a partner they can depend on. In 2021, Mark founded go EV, a distributor of electric vehicle chargers. Under Mark’s leadership, go EV has become a trusted supplier of EV chargers, providing high-quality equipment to customers across Australia. The company commitment to trade-only distribution has led go EV to work on a number of projects with leading industry partners. Staying ahead of the latest in technological trends has enabled go EV to work with great supplier partners offering innovative charging solutions that are ready to support the growth of the Australian EV industry.

Alan Howle

Alan is the founder of Triple Effect Media, a renowned social media video agency, best known for creating 6x months worth of video content, all filmed in 2 days. Scripting, filming, editing and publishing the content to various social media platforms. Alan and his team operate across Australia, supporting businesses to build stronger relations using video marketing. Supporting professionally filmed content, event footage and podcasts, including this one.

Owen Westwood

Owen Westwood is a AV Design Engineer for RMIT University and has been an industry colleague of mine for the last 3 years. This episode, however, is not about AV… Owen has cerebral palsy and a symptom of his condition materialises as a speech impediment (stutter). I have always admired how candid Owen is about his condition and how focused he is on continuously working through it, and today is no exception. He bares it all, hides nothing, and opens up about just how much this condition has presented with many challenges, but also many opportunities to become a better human. So when he told me that doing a podcast was high on the list of achievements he needed to tick off, I said “I know a guy”.

Daniel Baldwin & Wayne Schultz

20 years is a long time in anyone’s game, but to start a successful business in a historically cottage industry and it still be thriving two decades on is remarkable. On this episode we chat to Dan Baldwin and Wayne Schultz, founders and co-owners of InSight Systems Group. Jump in for a tell all adventure on how InSight Systems came to be, what has made it the entity it is today and how important the InSight family is to the success of the business.

Caity Randall

Caity Randall is a driven individual with a fervent passion for cyber defense, environmental sustainability solutions, carbon offset methodology, and integrating technology within top Australian corporations that prioritize Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). She acknowledges the severe impact of cyber warfare and the necessity to address it. For Caity, the societal goal isn’t just about constructing and safeguarding a digital utopia; it’s also about ensuring that Corporate Social Responsibility isn’t merely a checkbox but a guiding principle. She firmly believes in building a digital world that can be responsibly inherited by future generations.

Alex Stock

Supporting businesses through strategic change, developing new markets and improving their customer-centric approach. Alex Stock is an internationally experienced and proven senior executive within the consumer, wholesale and building products field across both retail and commercial sectors. He specialises in delivering outstanding value to businesses in marketing, sales and customer experience. Alex leads PIER Marketing and brings 18 years of expertise from bluechip and SME businesses in sales, marketing, customer experience and senior management in both the UK and Australia. Success for Alex is seeing customers’ delight in the PIER does for them. In this episode we break down what marketing looks like in 2024 and what your business needs to be focused on to get the one metric that matters most – engagement!

Andreas Ganahl

Andreas Ganahl is the Innovation and Product Manager for WolfVision, and if you’ve been to, worked at, or studied at a University anytime in the last 20 years, odds are your lecturer was using a WolfVision visualiser to project your textbooks on to the whiteboard. Andreas dropped in to the studio on a recent trip to Australia to update us on all the happenings at WolfVision and to give us a sneak peak into what life is like in the hills of Austria and the Alpine regions of Europe!

Michael Rutledge

In a deep dive with Michael Rutledge, we traced his path from childhood to founding Rutledge AV, highlighting his pivot from studio work to AV installations in the mid-’80s due to market shifts. Rutledge AV’s expansion into Sydney brought both challenges and triumphs, with a key moment during the Sydney Olympics propelling further growth. Michael emphasised adaptability, customer focus, and a strong company culture as vital for success.

The interview showcased Rutledge AV’s journey, from competition to collaboration, and its expansion into defense work, demonstrating resilience and a commitment to excellence. Projects like the MCG sound system installation exemplified the company’s craftsmanship and prioritisation of quality. Economic downturns were navigated through strategic decisions, tech investments, and fruitful partnerships.

Bec Woolnough

Join us for an enlightening episode of the Real Insight Podcast as we welcome Bec, an esteemed educator from Smart Technologies, to share her transformative journey in education and leadership. With a passion for fostering inclusive learning environments, Bec reveals her innovative approach to integrating technology into teaching, enhancing engagement and effectiveness. Through her story, she illuminates the crucial role of leadership in education and beyond, advocating for strategic thinking and continuous pursuit of excellence. Don’t miss this inspiring discussion on how technology is revolutionising the classroom experience and shaping the future of learning.

Dr. Matt Harrison and Jess Rowlings

In an electrifying podcast episode, Dr. Matt Harrison and Jess Rowlings redefine neurodiverse education, envisioning a landscape where diversity isn’t just embraced but celebrated. Through their Next Level Collaboration initiative, they unveil innovative gaming strategies that empower neurodiverse youth, transforming learning into an adventure tailored to their strengths, challenging traditional educational paradigms. Matt and Jess urge us to imagine schools where neurodiverse students shine for their exceptional abilities, issuing a compelling call to action for educators and policymakers to create environments where every student can flourish. Join the movement to revolutionise education, championing a system that embraces neurodiversity and unlocks the potential of every mind.

Adam Troughear 

In this episode of Real InSight, we explored the core philosophy driving the remarkable success of Skie Solutions, led by Myke’s friend Adam Troughear. Adam and his team attribute their thriving partnership with Salesforce, one of the world’s most influential brands, to their unwavering commitment to culture-first hiring.

At Skie Solutions, culture reigns supreme because it transcends mere skill sets and resumes. It’s about how each team member aligns with the company’s ethos, fosters collaboration, and embodies the brand’s values internally and in the global marketplace. This approach not only cultivates a strong internal community but also ensures an authentic, passionate representation of Salesforce, crucial for success in today’s landscape. Adam emphasises that hiring for culture first isn’t merely a strategy; it’s a necessity. It fosters unity and alignment toward common goals, essential when representing a dynamic brand like Salesforce. Dive into our discussion to discover the profound impact of culture-first hiring on success, brand alignment, and innovation in the tech industry.

Shane Somerville

In our latest episode of “Real InSight,” we welcome Shane Somerville, a revered figure in the AV and events industry and a cornerstone of the InSight team for nearly a decade. Shane’s inspiring journey includes pivotal roles such as Manager of Managed Services and Director of Client Success at InSight, and as Manager of AV at RMIT, where he established one of the university’s most successful managed service partnerships.

Shane’s story takes a personal turn as he discusses stepping away from full-time employment due to macular degeneration. Throughout the episode, he opens up about the struggles and resilience required to navigate this new reality. His story is a powerful reminder of life’s abrupt changes and the inner strength needed to continue moving forward. Shane also acknowledges the support he received from Vision Australia and Job Access Australia. Tune in to hear Shane’s compelling tale of perseverance and how he continues to lead a fulfilling life, inspiring all of us to face our challenges head-on.

Helen Marx

In this electrifying episode of “Real InSight,” we welcome Helen Marx, Chief Commercial Officer at Australis Music Group. Helen’s storied career blends IT, AV, marketing, and strategic business management. She shares her journey from IT’s technical trenches to the creative confluence of AV and technology, emphasising her passion for innovative communication, branding, and enhancing customer experience. Her approach to future-proofing business operations through holistic, technology-driven programs is both insightful and inspiring.

Helen discusses her unwavering commitment to effective communication and her philosophy of adding value through strategic branding and seamless interactions across Australis Music Group’s 70 brands. She candidly shares the challenges of navigating a traditionally male-dominated field, offering valuable lessons in resilience and determination. Helen’s leadership style emphasises passionate teamwork and change management, driving success through buy-in from all involved. Tune in for an inspiring conversation filled with technical expertise, strategic acumen, and creative flair, promising a bold future for CMI and Australis.

Mary-Beth Hosking

Join us on “Real InSight” with Mary-Beth Hosking, co-author of “Not Another Digital Transformation,” as she delves into the critical world of digital transformation. As the Chief Information Officer for a global gaming organisation, Mary-Beth brings a strategic approach to navigating the complexities of digital change, emphasising the importance of understanding business processes, politics, and ecosystems to deliver tangible results.

In this compelling episode, Mary-Beth shares practical advice on aligning organisational culture with technological advancements, fostering continuous improvement, and ensuring buy-in and change management. Her insights on avoiding common pitfalls and superficial changes are indispensable for leaders aiming for real, sustainable transformation. Tune in to discover how holistic, technology-driven programs can future-proof your business operations and set you apart in today’s competitive landscape. Don’t miss this critical conversation packed with actionable strategies for successful digital transformation.

Katie Underwood

This week’s episode was a genuine buzz as I sat down with the versatile artist @katieunderwoodmusic. From her early days with UK Trance act Terra Ferma to her chart-topping success with Australian pop group Bardot, Katie’s career showcases her adaptability and talent. After leaving Bardot in 2001, she continued to shine, winning an APRA Award for Most Performed Dance Work with Disco Montego’s “Beautiful” and achieving multiple No. 1 spots on the ARIA Club Chart with her solo and collaborative tracks. Beyond music, Katie is a celebrated performer at LGBTQ+ events, a Victorian Rainbow Award winner, and a producer of six new-age albums centered on mantra and meditation.

In this episode, we explore the challenges Katie faced as a woman in the music industry, her experiences with reality TV, and the impact of her recent ADHD diagnosis. Katie’s journey from music to natural healing is inspiring, showing her dedication to personal growth and helping others. She is not only an artist but also a certified Meditation Teacher and Sound Healing Therapist, balancing her professional life while single-parenting two teenagers. Tune in to discover more about Katie’s Sound Healing Mission and watch her latest TEDx Talk.

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