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Why Huddle Spaces Matter

As 2018 gets underway, a lot of us will be thinking of positive changes and fresh starts. For businesses, that may include improving the way people create ideas. It could be addressing challenges or working better with peers. Huddle Spaces could be the change your business needs.

Businesses are striving for better collaboration and increased productivity. Increasingly, there is a requirement for more flexible spaces which makes huddle spaces so important to your staff. Effective collaboration areas will be utilised for impromptu meetings, technology bringing people together regardless of their location.

In 2018, statistics show that more work will take place outside the office. With the latest developments in technology, you and your colleagues can stay active and productive wherever you happen to be. Workspaces are reflecting this change by adapting their layout to incorporate more huddle spaces, where small groups of employees can collaborate for any amount of time.

Below, our Global Partner AVI-SPL, explain real-world examples of huddle spaces and how technology is enabling businesses to get work done easily with increased collaboration.

Huddle Spaces Explained

What We Provide

  • Video collaboration systems, including virtual meeting rooms, that bring in-room and remote collaborators face to face
  • Interactive touchscreen displays
  • Audiovisual solutions and technology that turn spaces into collaboration hubs
  • Huddles Spaces typically feature equipment such as a video conferencing solution, LCD or LED monitor, a small central table that allows for sitting or standing, an interactive or regular whiteboard and chairs (optional).

Why Work With InSight Systems?

We advocate for the transformation of workplaces from isolated cubicles to open spaces and huddle spaces that inspire collaboration and change meetings from discussions into time for productive work. Working with our partners, we have designed and deployed more meeting spaces than any other integrator. We are committed to putting innovation into practice.

Contact one of our representatives with your questions at or 1300 369 451.