Making life easier for the team at L’Oréal 

We value our close partnership with the L’Oréal team in Melbourne, and recently we leveraged our expertise in workplace technology to elevate their meeting room spaces. We collaborated with their end user experience team to ensure the design and construction of exceptional environments, maximising up time and promoting standardisation across all their spaces. Learn more about how we go beyond expectation by watching the L’Oréal case study video.

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Unleash the Power of Managed Services

Say goodbye to unreliable meeting room technology or complex AV solutions. Our Managed Services simplifies the process, providing complete control and visibility. With our intuitive interface and advanced features, we can effortlessly manage your AV and ensure seamless operation.
Real-time monitoring and analytics

Real-time monitoring and analytics

We know instantly when there are problems. Our team will have complete real-time visibility into your entire AV environment and receive instant alerts about any anomalies or performance issues. Our robust analytics provide valuable insights that enable us to keep things running smoothly at optimum performance.

Proactive issues detection and resolution

Proactive issues detection and resolution

Our aim is to fix system, program or device failures before you even notice them. We take a proactive approach to AV management by identifying potential issues before they impact your operations and taking corrective action swiftly to ensure minimised downtime and maximised productivity.

Scalability and flexibility

Scalability and flexibility

Grow and adapt with ease. Whether you are expanding your AV infrastructure or adapting to changing business needs, we’ve got you covered. We offer seamless scalability, allowing the addition of devices and locations when needed. With our flexible services and solutions – your AV can evolve as your business does.

Delivering an exceptional user experience

Delivering an exceptional user experience

User friendly technology that works makes a huge difference to user experience. With our Managed Services you can significantly reduce meeting room down time, get timely assistance, and rapid issues resolution, enabling users to focus on their core tasks and enjoy a reliable and optimised technology environment.

Secure and reliable

Secure and reliable

We ensure that all your devices are kept up to date, including their firmware. Our solutions have robust security features, safeguarding your data and ensuring compliance. This vigilant monitoring, coupled with our robust analytics, provides invaluable insights that empower us to keep your devices running smoothly and efficiently by promptly addressing network, device or firmware-related concerns.

Real time analytics

Real time analytics

We can manage more with less. We empower businesses with instantaneous insights and actionable intelligence. We can monitor and analyze data in real time, enabling informed decision-making, proactive problem-solving, and the ability to optimise operations for improved efficiency and performance.

Symphony platform displayed on a computer screen
Symphony platform displayed on a computer screen
Symphony platform displayed on a computer screen
Symphony platform displayed on a computer screen
Symphony platform displayed on a computer screen
Symphony platform displayed on a computer screen
Symphony platform displayed on a computer screen
Symphony platform displayed on a computer screen
Symphony platform displayed on a computer screen
Symphony platform displayed on a computer screen


Our remote management toolset, Symphony, sets us apart as your trusted workplace technology experts. It brings a seamless, efficient, and proactive approach to managing your Workplace Technology / UC systems.

As your dedicated technology partner, we take pride in backing Symphony with our valued partnership with AVI-SPL, the largest Audio-Visual Integrator and specialist globally. This partnership further enhances our capability to provide unparalleled service and support, ensuring your workplace technology remains in expert hands.

Experience the power of Symphony – a toolset designed to elevate your workplace technology management to new heights, offering you an unrivaled, future-ready solution tailored to your needs.

Benefits of Symphony

Comprehensive Oversight

A unified platform that monitors all aspects of your Workplace Technology / UC systems. From network performance to equipment status, user experience, and video conference statistics, you get a complete picture of your technology ecosystem in real-time.

Automatic Alerts

Stay ahead of potential issues with automated alerts. Receive timely notifications about anomalies, faults, or performance dips, enabling you to take proactive measures and resolve problems before they impact your operations.

Swift Troubleshooting

Empowers your support team with direct access to the device experiencing a fault, right from within the ticket or alert. This feature accelerates troubleshooting efforts, reducing downtime, and enhancing overall efficiency.

Vendor Agnostic Flexibility

Regardless of the brand or equipment type, Symphony ensures compatibility and seamless monitoring. You’re not tied down to any specific control system or device, offering the flexibility to adapt to your organisation’s unique technology needs.

Proactive Issue Resolution

Built-in analytics engine and automated workflows enables us to address potential issues before they become critical problems. This proactive approach maximises system uptime and enhances end-user satisfaction, while reducing the need for physical attendance in many cases.

Video Conference Management

Enjoy a robust video conference monitoring interface, you can keep a close eye on call statistics and quality across all connected UC endpoints. Ensure seamless communication and collaboration with a smooth video conferencing experience.

Microsoft Teams platform displayed on a computer screen
Microsoft Teams platform displayed on a computer screen
Microsoft Teams platform displayed on a computer screen
Microsoft Teams platform displayed on a computer screen

Microsoft Teams Room Pro

Microsoft Teams Room Pro is a game-changing solution that takes workplace technology management to the next level. It will streamline and optimise your Microsoft Teams Rooms experience.

Better facilitate your existing tools and gain a clearer overview of the health of your meeting rooms with Microsoft Teams Room Management Portal.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams Room Pro

Seamless Management

An intuitive platform to manage Microsoft Teams Rooms effortlessly. With its user-friendly interface, we can efficiently monitor and control your meeting rooms, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Automated Efficiency

Automating tasks, saving time and effort for your IT support team. From scheduling and configuring devices to software updates and monitoring, the portal streamlines your room management processes.

Proactive Insights

Get proactive insights and analytics. Receive automated alerts and performance data that enable the team to take preemptive actions, ensuring uninterrupted collaboration.

Enhanced User Experience

Deliver an exceptional user experience with optimised meeting room setups. Customised settings to ensure each room is tailored to meet your team’s unique requirements, leading to more productive and engaging meetings.

Effortless Troubleshooting

In case of any glitches or disruptions, the portal provides remote troubleshooting capabilities. Enabling the identification and resolution of issues promptly, minimising downtime and keeping meetings on track.

Flexibility and Scalability

Designed to be flexible and scalable to accommodate your growing business needs. Whether you have a few meeting rooms or multiple locations, the portal easily adapts to your organisation’s demands.

Optimal performance and reliability, simplified

We understand the challenges of managing AV environments and maintaining productive and engaging meeting spaces with technology that works every time – with no downtime or technical glitches.

Our team ensures that your meeting space video conferencing, collaboration systems, and peripheral devices work seamlessly together, enabling uninterrupted communication and collaboration across your organisation.

We go beyond expectations to ensure you can enjoy optimal performance of your video conferencing and collaboration systems every day.

RMIT experience improved user experience

“Since the implementation of Symphony, RMIT’s audiovisual services, have been able to become more efficient and increase the student and staff experience.”

Tim Sullivan
Senior Manager of Operations, Learning, Teaching, and Research

Managed Services enhances the audio visual user experience at RMIT

RMIT, a university of technology and design with campuses in Australia, Southeast Asia, and Spain, is among those who entrust InSight Systems to manage their AV solutions using Symphony. We maintain the health of their AV and UC systems and ensure a positive classroom experience.

Our Managed Services team are best of breed, providing complete peace of mind for any business. We utilise a variety of proactive measures such as Symphony to ensure continuity of service from your audiovisual assets. To view our video case study on RMIT click the read more button.

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Frequently asked questions

How can InSight Systems help us when our AV systems breakdowns?

The difference is in our proactive service, our automated systems do an automatic morning sweep of our clients AV devices, ensure any issues are resolved before the workday begins.

How often are AV systems monitored?

Our Virtual Network Operations Centre (VNOC) team have a 24/7 monitoring system that provides automated alerts.  Our team work on these issues remotely and often is resolved before our clients are aware of the issue.

How do we receive updates on how are AV systems are going?

Our VNOC team compile a monthly report on all resolved issues with details of occurrence, resolution, and any active incidents.

How you can help us ensure our AV systems are fit for purpose?

By utilising the data that is collected within our Symphony toolsets, we can identify any areas of concern due to device failures or underutilisation across the whole site. We use this information to inform future design improvements, ensuring more robust and cost-effective solutions.

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Wonderful service and quick reply on the support services.

Unisuper Management Pty Ltd – Zach Frazer-Bowey

InSight have always been responsive and extremely helpful. They offer us great support and advice. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Trinity College – Kari Neilson

Thank you so much for your help. Above and beyond the call of duty, but we really appreciate it!

Catholic Parish of St Thomas More – Irene Owsianka

Always had great service from InSight Systems, well done keep up the good work.

Australian Bureau of Statistics – Ian Campbell

Throughout the project, InSight Systems exhibited a high level of proficiency and professionalism, working within very tight timeframes. In particular InSight Systems was able to adapt to schedule changes resulting from installation issues caused by others, and readily accepted additional work requests at late notice.

Wakelin Property Advisory – Wakelin Property Advisory


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