Outsourced Managed AV Services

Our experts will monitor and manage your workplace technology infrastructure in real-time.

There has never been a more crucial time to ensure your video conferencing and collaboration systems, as well as peripheral devices are working at the optimal level. It is vital for businesses to be able to effectively communicate with teams and clients on-site, working from home or at other remote locations. Find out more about our Managed AV Services.

View or download tour Workforce Solutions - Outsourced Managed Services brochure (below) for information about key considerations when thinking about your workplace technology infrastructure in real time. 

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How it works

We combine solutions into tailored packages with different levels of service. Whether it be via Microsoft Teams Managed Services Portal, Symphony or both.

Our Video Network Operations Centre (VNOC) team can support you with all your Video Conferencing, Collaboration and AV support needs.

The managed AV services team can:

  • identify failures or glitches
  • address problems
  • and fix any issues with limited disruption

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Our approach

Our approach is defined by identifying the four key technology pillars of a highly functional AV system. Each pillar will be considered and managed individually to ensure a successful system deployment and ongoing operational effectiveness.



Maintain and enhance your business' key video conferencing and workplace applications to ensure they remain up to date and operational. 


Operating System

Keep your systems running smoothly. Our team of experts will maintain your hardwares' operating systems to ensure they meet cybersecurity and manufacturer requirements. 


Device Management

 Streamlined device management. Remote deployment of device firmware and enabling new device features ensures devices run trouble free and remain functional.


User Experience Management

Delivering the highest quality technology experience for your teams through complete management of the AV environment and its performance 24/7.