Why Outsourcing AV Staff Makes Sense For Your Next Event

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The right AV staff can make or break your event. It is as simple as that. Choosing the right mix of event AV staff and reliable equipment can make your next corporate event a seamless experience for your presenters and attendees, or it can turn it into a nightmare scenario with angry punters and a damaged reputation.

At their very core, AV systems are simple: see the video, hear the audio, have a good time.

But the framework that delivers this simplicity can at times be incredibly complex and challenging. Sure, any technician can connect a mic to a speaker or a laptop to a projector; heck, you might have even tried it yourself. But what really makes the show come alive is a team of technicians who know what they are doing and are bound by the common goal: to deliver an outstanding event experience.

A boardroom meeting, whether it’s on level three of your office building or in a confusingly named room at hotel with finger sandwiches, is a fairly straightforward affair. All you need is a monitor to display your annual revenue statistics and perhaps speakers in the room to play a motivational video from a TED Talk. Simple. But what about when it is a town-hall meeting with several executives speaking in turn to individual slide decks and then a panel discussion with live Q&A?

Enter professional event AV staff and then file the following under “What to say at an event when things are under control:” “Yup, the AV techs are just over there..” “We did a run-through… twice… and everything was great” “Mmm, yes I would like that glass of champers”

If that glass of bubbly didn’t convince you, here are some more reasons to outsource your AV staff

Complicated technology requires high technical expertise from your AV staff:

Technology is always evolving, incrementally or in leaps and bounds. It took us 34 years to get from vinyl to CDs and only 10 from CDs to MP3s. 30 years from VHS to DVD and only 10 more years until the advent of 4K. Let the nerds battle it out in the forum as to which resolution is optimal at what viewing distance. You just tell them what you want and when to play the brand relaunch video.

Professional approach:

Event technicians have done this a hundred times. If not more. They say the smartest person in the room is usually the AV tech because they’ve been sitting in on events ranging from tax law to facial reconstruction, hackathon events to marketing conferences. They’ve been in the room and been in this situation many times, they know what works and how to get it done.


Any company in any industry needs to continually evolve. The AV industry is no stranger to this concept where technology can become obsolete faster than you can say “Remember when laser-discs were cool?” By outsourcing your AV needs, you are effectively outsourcing your need to keep up with technology. Get the best people in to do the best job. Thanks, see you next year.

Handling event-related stress:

Keynote speaker’s flight got delayed, they’re not going to show up until 10 minutes into the Welcome to Country. They can’t send an advance copy of their slides, but they have to use their personal laptop because of the proprietary fonts. How can we swap laptops without accidentally showing the audience their desktop screen with the family dog and a zillion icons? Sound familiar? Breathe, it’s ok.. you hired a professional team to take on this stress.

Adequate resourcing:

Sometimes the event is simple enough and relaxed enough that one technician is more than able to handle it. 3 mics and PowerPoint deck? Easy! But sometimes, it’s a choreographed event, with music as presenters walk on and off stage, video file to play as they do and cut to camera shot as they start speaking. Far too complex for one mere mortal to handle, but with the right AV staff with the right skills, your next event could look like it was the Logies.

Outsourced AV Staff provide advanced integration:

Walk into a room, plug your laptop into the HDMI cable thingy and you’re good to go, right? Sure… sometimes. But what if you wanted the lights to dim as you do? Or fade out the background music? Or activate the in-room videoconference system at the click of the button.


Why Work With InSight Systems' AV Staff

We live in a world where attention spans are dwindling, under assault from myriad platforms hawking an infinite palette of content. Now, more than ever it is critical to inspire your audience to align with your values. The best way to do that is to stay on-brand with your messaging and deliver that message with high production values.

And although they may say that there is no such thing as bad publicity, wouldn’t you prefer it if the word of mouth buzz about your company event was because of the enlightening keynote address, or the excellent workshops which lead to some concrete action plans for your business goals? Or would you rather people referred to it as that time that the AV went to pieces.. but the fruit salad was great?

A dedicated team of event AV professionals is the sure-fire way to ensure the success of your event, whether it is in-house or at a function venue, a small board meeting, company AGM or town hall or a multi-day conference.

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InSight Systems understands event technology and how to support users through better collaboration and conferencing technology. We understand the importance of blending user experience with technology, which ultimately helps us design events that support each clients unique vision of their workplace.

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